Wednesday, September 7, 2011

We were made for this.

While B and I made cookies tonight, we acted like we were on a Food Network TV show.
It sounded something like this:

"Now, we are going to use our handy dandy Kitchen Aid to mix our cookies. We will attach the bowl like this and add the mixer on there. Then we will add our generic brand of vegetable shortening, which we purchased from Target. As you will see, Brandon likes to use our measuring cups for exact measurements...and he will slowly pour the flour into the mixer like so..."

I'm thinking we could call our show something like:

B&M: Back to the Basics
Enjoying EVERY Step: How to make desserts in 1 hour, when it really should only take 15 minutes!

We delivered some cookies to my family. We ended up on my parent's bed, all snuggled together. Then Parker came in and body slammed us. We went home after that.

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  1. Aww..I absolutely LOVE your family! I miss you, Megs! Let's get together one of these days...please?! :D