Saturday, April 24, 2010

G&G Week: day 8

G&G: We are so proud of you.

(Outside the BYU Marriott Center, right after graduation. I couldn't see them at all when I sat down. It wasn't until the closing prayer was said and we stood to walk out that I caught a glimpse of Gramp's shiny white hair. My friend graduating with me commented "Megs, he's smiling! He looks so happy!" As we gathered as a family outside, Grampa saw me and walked swiftly to my side and threw his arms around me. I remember thinking how grateful I was for family and the deep, deep love that is available through those relationships.)

They left today. If they ever get a chance to read this, I hope they know one thing: that I love them and a part of them lives in me. This past week has been a wonderful memory and one I hope to keep with me always.

Gary and Tonya, I love you.

*More on graduation to come.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

G&G week: day 5

Gramps: *knock, knock.*
me: Come in.
Gramps: Megan, you're alarm's been going off.
me: Okay.
Gramps: Do you want to get up?
me: Okay.
W: Did someone just knock?

(W's bedroom. We are bunking while GP's take over mine. 5:00 am is my goal. Of course, that's when I feel super motivated to get up and exercise before work, but I wasn't feelin' it today. Unfortunately, I forgot to turn my alarm off in my room. Fortunately, that meant I slept soundly. Unfortunately, that meant GP's were wide awake at 5 am. Fortunately, I still slept soundly. Unfortunately, Gramps made his way next door to where I lay sleeping like a little lamb and told me to get movin!) We unset the alarm tonight. Fortunately, we can both sleep soundly. Unfortunately, this could mean tardy to work- we walk a dangerous line for the few extra minutes of beautiful sound sleep. ;)

Monday, April 19, 2010

G&G week: day 4

me: Why are you upset?

Gram: Because he's old. And he can't hear.

me: Oh.

Gram: *huff*

(dinner table. Dearest Gram repeats herself at least 3 times whenever she talks to Gramps. Bless him. Aging became even more depressing when the GP's realized they might not be able to come play kickball with the fam out in the yard for T's bday celebration. But it didn't stop them from enjoying the evening. They brought their chairs out on the deck and declared themselves "refs" for the lively game. Nothing brought me more joy that night. Nothing.)

In other big news: T turns 13!!! It was a great night full of good food (topped with mom's "iceland volcano" shortcake and strawberries, yum.), launching balloon wishes, and sitting around the table highlighting T and telling her how much we love her.

By the end, we were all a little mushy and teary.
Oh how we love our chee chee! We couldn't imagine life without her!

Keep dreaming sweetness. Keep dreaming with all your heart.

Happy Birthday Love!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

G&G week: day 3

Gram: "They are little. You were good when you were little. It's only when you grew up you started having issues."

(In response to me comparing well-behaved kids of mom's cousin who stayed a week with G&G at their house in St. George I couldn't help but think about the times we stayed with the Gramps and Grams. I think we were caught sticking our tongues out, hiding polished rocks we had stolen from the store in gram's bathroom, screaming bloody murder after being stung by a bumble bee, getting sick from grape bubble gum on a road trip, fighting non-stop in the car, house, and anywhere else we went, crying for Gramps to rescue us after stupid ducks attacked our hand that was holding the bread, and getting a little spank for not listening to Grams when she told us to get in the bath for the 100th time and then bawling the whole time as she washed our hair.)

*This comment was made as we played dominos- the greatest classic tradition we have with G&G. I think I could spend hours (and do!) sitting at a table with the GP's, talking, laughing, and teasing as we play a rousing game of cards, board games, or dominos. LOOOOOOVE IT!

There's no doubt Gram loves me. NO DOUBT.

Even just the way I am- issues and all. ;)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

G&G week: day 2

Gramps to P: "So what do you do these days? Do you like to go drag main street at night with your buddies? That's what we did. We had a good time."

(To this, P responded with a "Yeah, sure grandpa. We love to 'drag' main street.." At this point P turns to me and mouths "D-R-A-G main street?" Later P would be asked to give an account to the GP's on why his driving privileges were taken away. Gramps told us he had his own fair share of mischief and trouble when he threw the farmer's peas off the truck and the farmer threatned him and his buddies with a pitch fork. Maybe that's what my parents are missing- a pitchfork and a mean mug like the one gramps is modeling for us here. It just might keep that boy in line.)

Friday, April 16, 2010

G&G Week: day 1

Friday morning led me down the road to St. George and back again within several hours. I was asked to be chauffeur to the "grand-parentals" this weekend and have decided to do a posting of "G&G Week", in which I will post some of the wonderful, wise, and wacky things I learn from and about my grandparents. This thought came to me as I was driving them back to SLC and G&G started to tell me stories about their childhood. It was such a lovely time listening to their fond memories of their own parents and grandparents. Of course, they had struggles growing up and starting their own family, but the way they talked about the simple details of their lives, I couldn't help but feel drawn to their words.

Gram: "I remember my grandmother. She took care of me when I had rheumatic fever. I was so sick, but she sat by my bedside the whole time and never left me. She would sit in her chair and sew while I slept. She was a good woman."

(On the way to SLC in the car. After, we reminisced of sunny summer afternoons up in the Uintah mountains where my grandparents had their property. Grandma spent a lot of time setting up a perfect tea party for me and W in the field of long grass down the road. Of course it only lasted 15 minutes after we heard a wierd noise in the trees and thought it might be the moose grampa said was wandering around. Grandma went back out there with us and helped us clean up.)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

sweet sunday harmony

What do Sunday evenings look like for you?
For me:

-listen to W's new music love: Passion Pit
-see W's new trick pulling her eyelids inside out
-hear W whine NONSTOP about her double chin, aka "Charlie"
-watch mom and P get in wrestling match
-promise myself i'll get to bed at 1030. Maybe.

Sunday: a day of rest.
I sure hope your's was.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

So long. Farewell. I hate to say goodbye.

The day finally came. On Friday I clocked out for the last time.
Utah Valley, you have been good to me.

It wouldn't have been complete without a little "party" to celebrate the good times! Jen was nice enough to put a little something together at her house right after work. My favorite part were the fliers she posted all over the lab. I actually had a patient look at the flier, then at me and ask "So, you're getting a better life, huh? Mind telling me how I could do that?"

Some faces that I cannot forget.
I will love them for always.
(p.s. don't judge my appearance as the night went on. It was hot. I was crying. My hair is a frizz mess.)

Good heart. Great boss.

This woman is the prank MASTER. Muchas good times.

My accomplice. Again, muchas good times. Muchas.

(P.S. Ahem . . .this gorgeous girl is single. Available. Totally fun. Wanna #?)

Hostess. Friend. Sister. I love her.

I would have to claim that I basically learned phlebotomy from this lady. She taught me the essence of what it means to love and serve a patient with all your heart.

The Steve man. So many women. Only one Steve. He's a rockstar.

Nancy is our prank guinea pig. You're a trooper Nan.
Don't hate me for posting this pic! I love you!

The parentals also came.

I had to post this pic. Steve and General (also Steve).


Thanks for everything you guys! I will miss you so much! Love, love, love!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Matt Wertz = love

Last Tuesday W and I attended a concert. It was the first time either of us have attended a concert mainly to see the opening artist. In this case it was Matt Wertz and the minute he strummed that guitar, we were in love. Things couldn't have been better, except for the part when Matt's drummer made eye contact with W and threw his tambourine to her! Seriously, thought nothing could top that, until . . . we went to the back and got to meet Matt and take a picture! Cute. Enough said.

Oh, and Five for Fighting wasn't too bad either. ;) Actually, he was AMAZING! I didn't have any expectations because I was really going for Matt, but we were 3 people back from the stage and when I saw him sit down at the piano- I was hooked.

Listen and watch Matt:

Listen to Five for Fighting "Chances":