Monday, April 19, 2010

G&G week: day 4

me: Why are you upset?

Gram: Because he's old. And he can't hear.

me: Oh.

Gram: *huff*

(dinner table. Dearest Gram repeats herself at least 3 times whenever she talks to Gramps. Bless him. Aging became even more depressing when the GP's realized they might not be able to come play kickball with the fam out in the yard for T's bday celebration. But it didn't stop them from enjoying the evening. They brought their chairs out on the deck and declared themselves "refs" for the lively game. Nothing brought me more joy that night. Nothing.)

In other big news: T turns 13!!! It was a great night full of good food (topped with mom's "iceland volcano" shortcake and strawberries, yum.), launching balloon wishes, and sitting around the table highlighting T and telling her how much we love her.

By the end, we were all a little mushy and teary.
Oh how we love our chee chee! We couldn't imagine life without her!

Keep dreaming sweetness. Keep dreaming with all your heart.

Happy Birthday Love!


  1. you have to give me that picture of the family... priceless!

  2. p.s. i wished for taylour to get a puppy... maybe oh maybe my wish will come true