Sunday, April 18, 2010

G&G week: day 3

Gram: "They are little. You were good when you were little. It's only when you grew up you started having issues."

(In response to me comparing well-behaved kids of mom's cousin who stayed a week with G&G at their house in St. George I couldn't help but think about the times we stayed with the Gramps and Grams. I think we were caught sticking our tongues out, hiding polished rocks we had stolen from the store in gram's bathroom, screaming bloody murder after being stung by a bumble bee, getting sick from grape bubble gum on a road trip, fighting non-stop in the car, house, and anywhere else we went, crying for Gramps to rescue us after stupid ducks attacked our hand that was holding the bread, and getting a little spank for not listening to Grams when she told us to get in the bath for the 100th time and then bawling the whole time as she washed our hair.)

*This comment was made as we played dominos- the greatest classic tradition we have with G&G. I think I could spend hours (and do!) sitting at a table with the GP's, talking, laughing, and teasing as we play a rousing game of cards, board games, or dominos. LOOOOOOVE IT!

There's no doubt Gram loves me. NO DOUBT.

Even just the way I am- issues and all. ;)

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