Sunday, February 21, 2010

One of these is not like the other

Two of my very favorite people.

Both make me laugh hysterically. Both make me totally crazy at times.

Both love me for who I am.

One I met 16 years ago. The other I met 3 years ago.

Pretty sure I've known both a lot, lot longer than that.

I remember the day I got the phone call from the AP's. "Sister Shaw, President wants to send a temple square sister with you and Sister B. She's Korean and you need to meet us at the office to pick her up." I had heard certain stories about TMSQ sisters. They were high maintenance, liked elders a little too much, and had a hard time getting to work. Driving to the mission office, these stereotypes played over and over in my mind. Then I walked through the door and saw Sister Kim. Beautiful black hair, perfect satin skin, and shy smile. We introduced ourselves, packed the car with her stuff and headed out to do some work. Little did I know how much she would change my mission and my life.

Little brothers are trouble with a capital T. They smell, spit, pick their noses, and tease relentlessly. They don't mind wrinkled shirts, mismatched clothes, stinky socks, or spiders. They like farting, loud rock music, bedhead, endless amounts of corndogs, and making a record shopping trip of 5.4 minutes. They don't think twice about peeing outside, driving too fast, stealing my candy, or kicking the dog (accident . . .I think not.) They strongly dislike hair cuts, etiquette lessons, being told to smile in a photograph, and crying sisters. They pretend hugs, kisses, mom's sappy nicknames, and sister's former Korean mission companion are not cool, but deep down inside- they are a heart's great joy. He will always be my little buddy. No sarcastic, annoyed mean-mug will ever change that. Nope, never.

Some may not be able to understand my deep and abiding love for these two. Some may definitely question whether they even like each other. I mean, the constant teasing and practical jokes should indicate the lack of love, right? Persistent poking, prodding, and getting each other in trouble are signs enough to show this dislike. There is no possible way ... especially after she threw ice water on him in the hottub, or when he scared her so bad she peed her pants and started bawling, or the time she spiked his toothbrush with salt and he decided to hang her upside down from the bed and lay her head first in the laundry basket. Naw... I don't think so.

Then again, I could be wrong.


Or not.

All about P . . .and other unimportant details

It's 2:00 pm on Sunday and church started an hour ago. I should be there, but I'm still getting over my stupid sinus infection. I decided that I would just show up for sacrament. But after an hour of going through a toilet paper roll due to my high rate of snot excretions, I decided maybe sacrament wasn't a good idea either. Yet- it is Ward Conference and I will be missing a fantastic and uplifting message given by my amazing stake president and wonderful bishop. Knowing this, I have debated with myself for the past hour on what to do. Final Answer: I will forgo church attendance today. I make this decision with not only mine, but the benefit of all church-goers in mind. For your own health and sanity, I will remain here in my bed with my box of tissues by my side and blow to my heart's content. I guess you need not share this experience with me.
So, now I blog. I know that the sinus medication I took will be taking affect within the next half hour, so I will write fast and purposefully. Main topic: P went to his first high school dance last night! "Sweethearts" is a girl's choice dance, which he was asked to a couple of weeks ago. You can imagine the fuss and excitment shown by P's SISTERS leading up to this moment. If you are the only brother with all sisters, there are some things you just have to come to expect and respect when you get asked to a dance:

1. We will dress you. We will shop, shop, shop to find the perfect tie, shirt, and shoes. And we will enjoy it immensly.

2. We will make you get your hair cut. Yes, you may stare cold, icy daggers at us while the blonde hairstylist at "Super Cuts" cuts off inch after inch. But, we know you only stare because you care. And you know we love you.

3. We will make you try on 10 different outfit combinations the morning of the dance. We will take pictures of every outfit and send them via text to missing sister who is DYING because she has to work during these hours of excitement. Then, together, we will make a decision on which outfit we like best. And that outfit you will wear.

4. We will photograph you. We will photograph you putting your shoes on, standing by the couch, straightening your tie, looking at yourself in the mirror, letting mom roll up your sleeves, hugging mom, looking at mom sarcastically after she tells you her little "boo boo bear" has grown up to be such a handsome young man, standing in front of the door, walking up the stairs to get your carmex, coming down the stairs after getting your carmex, looking out the window, yelling at me to stop taking pictures, and, of course, when you open the door for your sweet and beautiful date. And it's okay if you tell me as your leaving "You have just officially ruined my life" because I make you and your date stand in front of and outside the door with heads together, heads apart, long ways, short ways, and every other way in between.

5. We will make you hug us before you leave. And we will bear-hug your date after we scream with girlish delight over how beautiful she looks.

6. We will leave the door unlocked and a light on for when you come home . . .because we are "old" and staying up past midnight is just. too. hard.

7.BUT, we will wake up in the morning and while you try to eat breakfast we will bombard you with questions about every single detail of the night. We will make sure you were a gentleman: that you helped clear the table, opened the doors, talked with everyone in your group, offered your arm while walking, danced every slow dance, and made that "cute little thing" feel like she was the most important girl in the world.

8. Because we are the luckiest girls in the world to have you as a brother. (Even if just for torturing.) ;)

9. Then we'll make you clean up the breakfast dishes.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A wise woman

Some notes from Sheri Dew's address to
Sandy Institute
on 17 February 2010:

You have phenomenal influence.
You were sent here to have influence.
What you have to decide is what you will allow to have influence over you.

If I was going to destroy your life mission,
this is what I would do:

-Make you really confused about your identity
-Never let you discover what the Savior
already did for you
-Never let you learn how to recieve
personal revelation

Who are you? You're one of the noble and great.

  • We need to be "brave under fire".

  • Living the gospel is hard because salvation isn't cheap.

  • Only by trying to fulfill your life mission will you be filled with peace and wholeness.

Ask the Lord to tell you who you are.
He'll tell you.

Monday, February 15, 2010

a love letter

Dear Valentines' Day,

I have to admit that I never expected a lot from you this year. My plan included a night in jammies, a couple of chic flicks, and some of mom's famous pink frosted sugar cookie hearts. Instead, you threw in some awkward surprises, including a Spanish singles' dance, where almost every guy is no taller than 5'3 and speaks little english. Well, at least every guy I danced with, which by the end of the night was not many, due to my persistence in making NO eye contact and keeping myself tucked away in the back, on a chair, with Soo Jean's purse and coat on my lap. I was tired, okay? And taller than 5'3.

Oh, and while we're on the topic of Soo Jean, who absolutely LOVED every second of every minute of it (the dance) . . .I couldn't help but feel slightly satisfied to watch her enjoy the twirling & 1,2 step and hardly sit in her seat due to a high demand of hispanic suitors asking for her hand. I loved watching her laugh and dance and look at me excitedly and giggle as she was thrown across the floor by her many suitors. I was so happy for my friend and wished the night could continue on for her . . .but it couldn't. Because I was tired, grumpy, and needed to get back to my original Valentines' Day plans of doing nothing.

Which was interrupted again by little T, who had big dreams and visions of decorating the house the next day and making a luxurious meal for the fam. The poor thing was filled up on antibiotics after a week of sickness, so I decided she needed a buddy and I would volunteer for the job. T was so patient as I slowly got out of bed, ran on the treadmill, ate some lunch, watched some Office and Modern Family, chatted with some friends on FB and finally got in the shower and dressed up in my V-day attire. By 6:00 pm, I was ready to finally go to the store for decor and food. I found that T and medicine make for an interesting trip out (her zombie-ness presented an opportunity for wierd looks and unsure smiles, with people running around the corner whispering to each other "I didn't know they had their Halloween stuff out yet?")

After the food and games, I'm thinkin' FINALLY I might be able to get a movie in. My plan was confirmed when a good friend remembered a $20 gift certificate to Blockbuster- yes! Unfortunetely, the store was closing in 10 minutes, forcing us to grab one of the first we see . . .My Life in Ruins. Don't mock, it was the first we saw and wanting to be good customers, we made a quick decision and stuck with it. 20 minutes into the movie, things weren't too bad, until the pizza and valentines' candy eaten earlier (It's Valentines', why not splurge a little . . .or a lot) started causing discomfort. And, unfortunately, my good friend was still recovering from sickness and started having a hack attack. Once again- plan foibled.

Sunday morning . . . I was woken by the smell of sweet goodness coming from the kitchen. Feeling disappointed by the failed execution of my original V-day plan, I relished in the chocolate waffles, strawberries, and whip cream served on the beautifully red, pink, and white-decorated table. I was welcomed by bright morning sunshine and smiles from both T and mom. Quickly, the fam gathered and gloriously dined. At the end of the day, I would think back on this moment, on the RS lesson I taught on the Savior later in the afternoon, and the YSA fireside held that night, where the speaker so eloquently advised on what to do to find greater success, happiness, and love in life. Feeling so blessed for the love I do have and faith in more love to be had in the future, I closed the day with a feeling of contentment and gladness.

Dearest Valentines' Day, I guess the joke's on me. Thinking the holiday would be full of "filler" acitivities to distract myself from the glaring, obvious fact that I, myself, have no valentine of my own, I am now grateful for the love that I did experience this weekend and the recognition of so many valentines that do exist in my life.

So, thanks jokester.

Friday, February 12, 2010

I think Soo Jean likes Ricky Martin.

"She bangs, she bangs! She moves, she moves!"
I've only listened to it blasting from her earphones for an hour.

Secret weapon to brilliant grades?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I remember when . . .

I remember when...
...I had gallbladder surgery.
...I tried to get ready for Thanksgiving dinner 2 days later and started hallucinating in the shower 20 minutes after I took a loratab. Deciding that hallucinations might be a little too intense for conversation among extended family, I made the decision to stay home, in my bed, little doggy Yoda by my side.
...I yelled "Good riddance!" after walking out the door of the Grant Building, finished with the last test I will ever take at Brigham Young University. Not to the institution . . .just to the Grant Building.
...I graduated from BYU in December and recieved my diploma. (crisp and clean, with it's gold seal shining in the light of my kitchen as I proudly show off to family and every person who comes to our door.) Hallelujah! 2009 Christmas celebration was complete with P's pink bunny jammies.

...I went to Las Vegas with two 16-year-olds to watch BYU football from the stands of windy, cold Sam Boyd Stadium. My ranking from coolest sister EVER dropped just slightly when I begged and bargained to buy growing boys a jug of chocolate milk in place of running onto the field after the big win due to frozen toesies and my own growing "elderlyness" to get to bed before midnight! I'm such an old wimp.

...we celebrated Dad's birthday, topped with sloppy joe's, organic french fries, my very own banana bread masterpiece (mmwaa!!), hand crafted "Birthday General" crown, and balloon birthday wishes. mom, sister, and I threw a bridal shower for a cousin's upcoming wedding, only to learn that my proper, "all business" grandmother offered to share her gum 50+ years ago with her, then, clueless boyfriend (my grampa), in order to intiate a make-out session. Didn't see that coming. Which was then followed by aunts, and great aunts sharing their first kiss stories . . .which was followed by young daughters and cousins "ewing and yucking" and swearing to never "come to one of these with my mom again!" photographer-extraordinaire of an aunt gave me the sacred, terrifying responsibility of shooting all the photos for cousin's wedding dinner . . .just to have a group of people (not from our side of the family, thank you) scowl and mug-face me for making them simply get together for a 2-second "point and shoot". Still wasn't amusing when said aunt yelled across the room "Now Meg, make them get in a pyramid!" and one particularily steely-eyed woman growled in disgust at her husband, as if to say "Oh paaaleease, you can't possibly expect me and my highly fashionable husband to do such a laboriously freakish thing. Young woman with the camera, you obviously don't know how valuable our time is and it shant be wasted on your pitiful and amateur attempts at shooting decent photographs worthy of your cousin's wedding. Be gone with you!" And with that, I went on my merry way, skipping and jumping with confidence, faith in my God-given talent to put into framed picture the very essence of love, life, and beauty . . .my perfected art the wind beneath my wings!
...I had the privelege of attending cousin's wedding in the Bountiful Temple and reminded sweetly by the Spirit just how wonderful God's plan is for His children and how much He loves me.
...I smeared my tear-gooped masacra mess all over my beautiful cousin's veil while giving a "heartfelt- I love you forever- I can't believe you're this old" MamaBear hug after bawling like a baby through the whole ceremony.
...the winter months didn't fly so fast! I kinda like it :)