Sunday, February 21, 2010

All about P . . .and other unimportant details

It's 2:00 pm on Sunday and church started an hour ago. I should be there, but I'm still getting over my stupid sinus infection. I decided that I would just show up for sacrament. But after an hour of going through a toilet paper roll due to my high rate of snot excretions, I decided maybe sacrament wasn't a good idea either. Yet- it is Ward Conference and I will be missing a fantastic and uplifting message given by my amazing stake president and wonderful bishop. Knowing this, I have debated with myself for the past hour on what to do. Final Answer: I will forgo church attendance today. I make this decision with not only mine, but the benefit of all church-goers in mind. For your own health and sanity, I will remain here in my bed with my box of tissues by my side and blow to my heart's content. I guess you need not share this experience with me.
So, now I blog. I know that the sinus medication I took will be taking affect within the next half hour, so I will write fast and purposefully. Main topic: P went to his first high school dance last night! "Sweethearts" is a girl's choice dance, which he was asked to a couple of weeks ago. You can imagine the fuss and excitment shown by P's SISTERS leading up to this moment. If you are the only brother with all sisters, there are some things you just have to come to expect and respect when you get asked to a dance:

1. We will dress you. We will shop, shop, shop to find the perfect tie, shirt, and shoes. And we will enjoy it immensly.

2. We will make you get your hair cut. Yes, you may stare cold, icy daggers at us while the blonde hairstylist at "Super Cuts" cuts off inch after inch. But, we know you only stare because you care. And you know we love you.

3. We will make you try on 10 different outfit combinations the morning of the dance. We will take pictures of every outfit and send them via text to missing sister who is DYING because she has to work during these hours of excitement. Then, together, we will make a decision on which outfit we like best. And that outfit you will wear.

4. We will photograph you. We will photograph you putting your shoes on, standing by the couch, straightening your tie, looking at yourself in the mirror, letting mom roll up your sleeves, hugging mom, looking at mom sarcastically after she tells you her little "boo boo bear" has grown up to be such a handsome young man, standing in front of the door, walking up the stairs to get your carmex, coming down the stairs after getting your carmex, looking out the window, yelling at me to stop taking pictures, and, of course, when you open the door for your sweet and beautiful date. And it's okay if you tell me as your leaving "You have just officially ruined my life" because I make you and your date stand in front of and outside the door with heads together, heads apart, long ways, short ways, and every other way in between.

5. We will make you hug us before you leave. And we will bear-hug your date after we scream with girlish delight over how beautiful she looks.

6. We will leave the door unlocked and a light on for when you come home . . .because we are "old" and staying up past midnight is just. too. hard.

7.BUT, we will wake up in the morning and while you try to eat breakfast we will bombard you with questions about every single detail of the night. We will make sure you were a gentleman: that you helped clear the table, opened the doors, talked with everyone in your group, offered your arm while walking, danced every slow dance, and made that "cute little thing" feel like she was the most important girl in the world.

8. Because we are the luckiest girls in the world to have you as a brother. (Even if just for torturing.) ;)

9. Then we'll make you clean up the breakfast dishes.

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  1. Oh my goodness! I can't believe how big your brother has gotten. The last time I saw him he was probably in elementary school still! And yes, he has grown up to be very handsome!