Thursday, February 18, 2010

A wise woman

Some notes from Sheri Dew's address to
Sandy Institute
on 17 February 2010:

You have phenomenal influence.
You were sent here to have influence.
What you have to decide is what you will allow to have influence over you.

If I was going to destroy your life mission,
this is what I would do:

-Make you really confused about your identity
-Never let you discover what the Savior
already did for you
-Never let you learn how to recieve
personal revelation

Who are you? You're one of the noble and great.

  • We need to be "brave under fire".

  • Living the gospel is hard because salvation isn't cheap.

  • Only by trying to fulfill your life mission will you be filled with peace and wholeness.

Ask the Lord to tell you who you are.
He'll tell you.

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