Sunday, February 21, 2010

One of these is not like the other

Two of my very favorite people.

Both make me laugh hysterically. Both make me totally crazy at times.

Both love me for who I am.

One I met 16 years ago. The other I met 3 years ago.

Pretty sure I've known both a lot, lot longer than that.

I remember the day I got the phone call from the AP's. "Sister Shaw, President wants to send a temple square sister with you and Sister B. She's Korean and you need to meet us at the office to pick her up." I had heard certain stories about TMSQ sisters. They were high maintenance, liked elders a little too much, and had a hard time getting to work. Driving to the mission office, these stereotypes played over and over in my mind. Then I walked through the door and saw Sister Kim. Beautiful black hair, perfect satin skin, and shy smile. We introduced ourselves, packed the car with her stuff and headed out to do some work. Little did I know how much she would change my mission and my life.

Little brothers are trouble with a capital T. They smell, spit, pick their noses, and tease relentlessly. They don't mind wrinkled shirts, mismatched clothes, stinky socks, or spiders. They like farting, loud rock music, bedhead, endless amounts of corndogs, and making a record shopping trip of 5.4 minutes. They don't think twice about peeing outside, driving too fast, stealing my candy, or kicking the dog (accident . . .I think not.) They strongly dislike hair cuts, etiquette lessons, being told to smile in a photograph, and crying sisters. They pretend hugs, kisses, mom's sappy nicknames, and sister's former Korean mission companion are not cool, but deep down inside- they are a heart's great joy. He will always be my little buddy. No sarcastic, annoyed mean-mug will ever change that. Nope, never.

Some may not be able to understand my deep and abiding love for these two. Some may definitely question whether they even like each other. I mean, the constant teasing and practical jokes should indicate the lack of love, right? Persistent poking, prodding, and getting each other in trouble are signs enough to show this dislike. There is no possible way ... especially after she threw ice water on him in the hottub, or when he scared her so bad she peed her pants and started bawling, or the time she spiked his toothbrush with salt and he decided to hang her upside down from the bed and lay her head first in the laundry basket. Naw... I don't think so.

Then again, I could be wrong.


Or not.

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