Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Babysitting 101

What makes a good babysitter?

1. Coco Dyno-Bites for dinner (even 2 bowls if you like)
2. Your very own bowl of movie theater popcorn
3. While you play Xbox with the video game king of the world
4. Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, straight out of the oven
5. Waiting for you after a good round of "Halo" (which you sneakily convinced clueless couple was 'okay' with your parents to play)
6.Robot Unicorn Attack on IMac after Megan decides "Halo" probably isn't 'okay' with your parents to play.
7. Happy Parents pick you up after a few hours of kid-free playtime :)

...and another one bites the dust. Eat that Nanny McPhee.

In other news: I want to be here.

Scratch that. I want to be HERE.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy 1 Month Brandon Johnson

I know everyone already knows how awesome Megan and Brandon Johnson are, so it's no surprise we planned it "perfectly" to have our 1 month anniversary fall on the world's sexiest holiday....which would be February 14th.

I don't know why having a Valentine of my own made this celebration so much more exciting, but I was SO giddy to spend "lover's day" with my sweet companion....especially with my bright red toenails.

Which reminds me: Last weekend was one of many milestones, which included B getting his first pedicure. He surprised me when I told him I needed to get a pedi BAD due to bad foot genes passed down by my lovely mother, who's heels have this remarkable ability to dry, crack, and bleed. Unfortunately, my heels carry this same extraordinary quality. Anyway, B totally threw me off when he said "Okay. Can I come with you?" HA! Absolutely, my sweet and adorable husband. Some highlights of this experience:
1. B not understanding anything little vietnamese lady was saying to him.
2. B not knowing why vietnamese lady was holding a bucket of purple hot stuff (also known as wax) and encouraging him to step into it.
3. B totally reading "US Weekly" and commenting on Martha Stewart's love of Eminem like it was yesterday's gossip.
4. B almost falling out of his chair as he looks over and sees lady grating my heels with what seems to look like an actual cheese grater. He just laughed nervously as bits of skin flew everywhere.
5. Other manly man comes in and sits down next to B for a pedi as well. Manly man asks B for a US Weekly magazine. When B asks which one, manly man responds "Doesn't matter. It's all garbage." B thinks this is hilarious. :)
(Maui, Hawaii. I want to be there right now.)

I love my husband. I love Valentines' Day.

*I also love Cajun Chicken Pasta, which is what we ate for Vday dinner. Interested? Let me know and I'll share the recipe...you'll feel like you've died and gone to heaven. (Which I feel like every day with Brandon Johnson. Just had to add my cheese.)

Friday, February 4, 2011

2011: My new adventure begins...

What is so hard about Fridays? I mean, work has ended for the week, I get to sleep in, catch up on my favorite TV shows (thank you Hulu), and get all my "lists" done (well, at least attempt). Maybe it's because I'm having withdrawals from this:

Work is a drag, but marriage is FAB.

One "perk" to working for the State: Fridays off. One "un-perk" to marriage: This rule does not apply to Husband. For some weird reason his non-government job has this idea that they employed him to work on Fridays.
Ugh, total bummer.

How much do I love marriage? This much: ______________________...and it just keeps going and going and going and going....kind of like eternity.
How much do I love Brandon Johnson? I think my heart just might burst, because that amount of love can't be contained. Again, total cheese. But I've decided I like cheese...especially with Brandon Johnson.

On January 14, 2011 my life changed forever.
Brandon Johnson officially married me.
The. Best. Day. Ever.

Marriage rocks.
Don't try to convince us otherwise.
Because we won't believe you.