Sunday, August 17, 2014

A 28th Birthday for Shane!

Yesterday, we had a little par-tay for B's younger brother Shane.
Let's be honest- celebrations are amped whenever Liam and Finn are involved.

What's a party without some music to jazz up the mood?
Liam and Finn are sure to bring you exactly what you're looking for.

Finn would like you to know, he was planning on entertaining with his light-flipping extravaganza and crawling routine up and down the stairs. Unfortunately, due to creative differences between he and daddy, the plug was pulled. 
He is sorry for the inconvenience...because it's really inconvenienced him.

Liam is the greatest wrapping wizard. Plenty of practice within the last month behind him, he is sure to get that paper off in a matter of minutes seconds, allowing you ample time to enjoy your gift. He will also let you know if your gift is play-worthy. Unfortunately for Shane, clothes do not fall in that category. Sorry Shane.

Last, but definitely not least, quality assurance is included in the Liam and Finn Party-Animal package. Before you put that first bite of Birthday Cake in your mouth, be sure to let our certified taste-testers make sure you're getting the best! If you opt out of this feature, please note this does not prevent little fingers from swiping at the frosting anyway.

It's easy for B, Shane, and I to remember how old we are.
Just take Shane's age, add a year for me, and then add another year for B.

Wait...did I just say how old I am?
Well, B will always be older. ;)

We love you!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Lagoon Firsts

Lagoon is Utah's biggest amusement park. As a kid, it was a yearly tradition in our family to come for a day in the summer. My birthday is in June, so I was even lucky enough to spend a couple birthdays here. This year, B's company held their summer party at Lagoon, so we decided to "try it out" with two toddlers. It was a good trial run for our big Disney trip in November. :)

Our first stop was the carousel. We've been on the carousel at the zoo, so we thought this would be a good ride to start out on. While in line, Liam started to get a little anxious. Then, once we strapped them on an animal, he was screaming and clawing at me. Images of a screaming kid the entire day filled my head and I started to get a little apprehensive about...a lot of things!

We entered Kiddieland and showed them all the 
helicopter, plane, boat, and car rides. 
We got in line and the boys seemed pretty interested- including Liam.

Then we put him on the ride with brother.
This picture says so much.

I shouldn't laugh, but B and I couldn't help it 
every time they passed by us and Liam was just falling apart. 
I love Finn turning around to comfort/encourage his upset brother
...trying to convince him it really is fun!

Okay, not all the rides were a complete disaster.
They both really enjoyed this little car ride
and Liam did pretty good on the boats.
You can see he is pretty serious, though.

Liam did A LOT better when we rode with him.
This is Puff the Dragon roller coaster. I remember riding this when I was little.

I had to take pics of these two trying to figure out the drinking fountain.
Poor boys have my red face when they get hot. And it was really hot!

We decided to take a little break and share a cool treat.
I mean, what is a day at the amusement park without an ICEE?

After our treat, we went on the train and saw all the animals.
Liam loved it. Finn was a little impatient because it wasn't going "fast" enough.

At 5:00 pm, it was dinner time at the Maple Pavilion.
B's company fed us dinner and had a raffle.
This is Finn really enjoying B's lemonade and Sprite mix.

After dinner, we decided to do a couple more rides.
By this time, Liam was pretty calm. He quite enjoyed Bulgy the Whale- 
another old ride I enjoyed as a kid as well.

The last ride we went on sprayed water.
While in line, we let the boys play in the little stream surrounding it.
Also, Liam got a balloon at dinner 
and he seriously carried this around EVERYWHERE.
That boy.

So, what is our consensus?
The day was pretty successful.
We realize we might have to take it slow with Liam.
But throw Finn in, because he could do this everyday.

Thanks Lagoon!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Family Day: Skyline Mountain Resort

Yesterday, B's family invited us to their property in Fairview, UT. 
We spent the day playing on 4-Wheelers, swings, 
eating yummy food, and running around in the rain. 
My boys were in heaven.

(B's Uncle Scott trying a helmet on Liam. He felt so big.)

The minute Finn saw this 4-Wheeler, he had to climb up and play. B's cousin showed him how to turn it on and rev the engine. He had a perma-grin the entire time. After, we went on a little hike around the property and Liam stuck with Grandpa J.

Towards the end of lunch, it rained...and poured.
The boys insisted on playing in the rain.
They were completely soaked, 
especially after running under the drips of water from the trailer awning.

The boys laughed and laughed at cousin Ashley as she danced in the rain with them!

When the rained stopped, Uncle Darin and Uncle Scott started a fire. 
Liam went with Grandma J to watch.

Pretty soon, Aunt Lisa's homemade ice cream was ready.
She even let Liam lick the mixer. :)

After a treat, we went on a ride with the 4-wheelers and side-by-side ATV.

First stop was the Tree Swing.
Remember this from the last time we were here?
This year, I hadn't just given birth 3 months earlier and decided to try it out.

After watching everyone else, 
Liam was insistent about sitting on the swing as well.
Even with some help from Grandma, 
he ended up with his feet over his head.
Maybe next time.

Next stop was the overlook.
The boys enjoyed looking out at the 
beautiful mountains with their cousins.
For about 5 seconds. :)

They were pretty vocal about letting us know 
they wanted back on the "trucks" or ATV's.

(Liam with Landen and Finn with Jenna.)

The day at the property ended with a sit around the campfire and

The boys were pretty impressed.

Thanks to the Birch Family 
for hosting us at their beautiful property!
We love you!