Sunday, August 10, 2014

Family Day: Skyline Mountain Resort

Yesterday, B's family invited us to their property in Fairview, UT. 
We spent the day playing on 4-Wheelers, swings, 
eating yummy food, and running around in the rain. 
My boys were in heaven.

(B's Uncle Scott trying a helmet on Liam. He felt so big.)

The minute Finn saw this 4-Wheeler, he had to climb up and play. B's cousin showed him how to turn it on and rev the engine. He had a perma-grin the entire time. After, we went on a little hike around the property and Liam stuck with Grandpa J.

Towards the end of lunch, it rained...and poured.
The boys insisted on playing in the rain.
They were completely soaked, 
especially after running under the drips of water from the trailer awning.

The boys laughed and laughed at cousin Ashley as she danced in the rain with them!

When the rained stopped, Uncle Darin and Uncle Scott started a fire. 
Liam went with Grandma J to watch.

Pretty soon, Aunt Lisa's homemade ice cream was ready.
She even let Liam lick the mixer. :)

After a treat, we went on a ride with the 4-wheelers and side-by-side ATV.

First stop was the Tree Swing.
Remember this from the last time we were here?
This year, I hadn't just given birth 3 months earlier and decided to try it out.

After watching everyone else, 
Liam was insistent about sitting on the swing as well.
Even with some help from Grandma, 
he ended up with his feet over his head.
Maybe next time.

Next stop was the overlook.
The boys enjoyed looking out at the 
beautiful mountains with their cousins.
For about 5 seconds. :)

They were pretty vocal about letting us know 
they wanted back on the "trucks" or ATV's.

(Liam with Landen and Finn with Jenna.)

The day at the property ended with a sit around the campfire and

The boys were pretty impressed.

Thanks to the Birch Family 
for hosting us at their beautiful property!
We love you!

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