Friday, July 18, 2014

Liam and Finn turn 2!

Liam and Finn, you are two years old today. At some moments, it seems like it's taken forever to get here and other moments make it seem like it's flown by incredibly fast! You are such a light in our family. I can't imagine our home without either of you in it...that includes all the noises, smells, and messes. :)

Liam- you are a heart melter. You have the sweetest little voice, but at the same time, you have a pair of lungs that belt it! You love to run back and forth and screech. You LOVE balls- any balls. You call basketballs "balls bass"(with a little lisp). You tend to get frustrated with your brother and we're still learning that hitting is NOT the answer...or biting. Yet, after mommy tells you "No!" and asks you to tell brother you're sorry and give him a hug, you offer him the sweetest embrace. You are a bit shy these days with strangers...especially kids. Nursery is hard at first, but you usually end up calming down and having a jolly time. You are cautious, but love to have fun. You LOVE your mommy and daddy. You LOVE to snuggle and wrestle and listen to music and follow your brother everywhere. You are our Liam Bug and we love you so incredibly much! Happy Birthday sweet boy!

Finn- you are so full of energy and life, that it's hard to sit still for too long! Great Grandma Shaw pulled out the old photo album and showed me pictures of Papa when he was 2. You look exactly alike! There's a reason you're named Finn Steven- and it's not just because of those brilliant blue eyes. You are busy, busy, BUSY! You are also fearless when it comes to people and have no problem venturing away from mom and dad. You LOVE trucks, cars, airplanes, helicopters, boats, etc. You like to push buttons, but you are seriously the sweetest little kid. You are a better leader than are INTENSE. You are really starting to find your words and it cracks daddy and I up when we sit and listen to you. You LOVE to watch the big kids play and want so badly to play with them. You also make sure there are always kisses and hugs after family prayer for both mom and dad. You are our Finner Boy and we love, love, love you!! Happy Birthday little monkey!

For the boys' birthday, B took the day off 
and we were busy doing lots of fun things! 

I cooked some paleo banana waffles for breakfast. The boys were a fan.
They also loved "second breakfast" 
or the huge suckers they got for their birthday.
Hey, you're only two once, right?

Here's a little video of our morning.
DISCLOSURE: I literally woke up 5 minutes before we taped this. 
Also, I apologize for the garments hanging out of my shirt. 
Please forgive my inappropriateness, along with my bed head in all it's glory. 
5 minutes. Just keep that in mind. 5 minutes.

For lunch, we headed to the AC (Arctic Circle) 
for some chicken rings and indoor playground and moosetracks shake! It rocked.

After a nap, we packed our bags and headed up to Cherry Hill 
for an evening of water fun!
Auntie Taylour was kind enough to join us.

Happy Happy Birthday my little guys!
We LOVE you!

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