Friday, July 4, 2014

Farewell, Sister.

You know when a certain day or event is approaching, 
but you feel it's so far in the future that you don't worry about it, 
then all of a sudden that day is here 
and you don't know what do, 
so all the feelings of your heart come out your eyes?

That was my day when my sister left.
As we speak, Whit and Joey are headed across the country.
To celebrate/relish time together before they departed, 
we gathered at my parent's house.

We put the boys in their swimsuits and played with bubbles.

And helped Grammy water her flowers.

And sprayed our brother with the hose.

And got in some good play time with our Auntie.

She even let us play in her big moving truck.
It was pretty traumatic for two little boys when they had to get out.

And then we said goodbye.

Everyone kept saying "It's not the end of the world!" And it's not. But it doesn't make saying goodbye any easier. It doesn't dull the sting of bidding farewell to a best friend who has filled the role of helper/confidant/encourager and who has helped me survive the past two years. My little Liam has especially attached himself to his sweet Auntie, which means a lot, considering his little anxious self has a hard time with different people and places.

Thank you, Whit. Thanks for everything.

We love you Rinos!! 
Make sure you set up your guest room, 
so we can start planning our trip to New Hampshire!


  1. OMG..those are the cutest pictures EVER!! Love them all! :)

  2. This almost made me cry...again :(