Tuesday, July 15, 2014

2nd Birthday Pool Party!

This week, we celebrate Liam and Finn turning 2! They aren't officially "2" until Friday, but we had a little family party last night to kick off the festivities. (I'm making it sound like my kids' birthdays are as big as Provo's Freedom Festival. Well...yeah.) We expressed to our family that each year is a victory- 1) Because B and I survived and 2) These boys have brought so much light and love to our family. And not just to our little family, but our extended family as well. They are the source of so much joy for many, many people. So, yes. We celebrate BIG.

This year, B's grandparents offered their clubhouse/pool,
so we had a pool party for the boys.

Instead of cake, we had an ice cream bar. We put two candles in a couple scoops of ice cream for the boys to blow out. It went a little bit better than last year. Remember this?

Boys and their grandmas, Auntie Taylour, and Uncle Shane.

The boys got lots of fun gifts! 
This morning has been awesome, because they have lots to keep them occupied. ;) 
Our gift to Liam and Finn were little balance bikes. They were pretty excited.


Thanks to our wonderful family for joining us last night to celebrate our boys!

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