Sunday, May 27, 2012

Some things favorite about you...

Megan: Brando, look at me.
Megan: Nooooo... those faces aren't normal.
Brandon: You're not normal.
Megan: Rude.
Brandon: But, that's how I like you: weird. 


So...heaven has smiled upon us and blessed us with one more big vacation before the twins make their debut. Doctor has written me a letter and I am headed across the country this Wednesday. 

The best part? B is with me for 10 days straight. 10 days. Tomorrow is Memorial Day and he took Tuesday off for MFM Ultrasound in the morning and packing/shopping in the afternoon. We get back next Tuesday, so...yep, 10 days. No work. No conferences. Just us, the rest of the Johnson clan, and the East Coast. 

Lately, I have had such a crush on my husband. 
I love him always, but for the past couple of days I've really, really crushed on him. 
Maybe these are some reasons why:

-He holds my purse. Anytime I ask him to.
-He loves to do dishes with me.
-He gives me foot rubs. And I don't like feet. But, I love his foot rubs.
-He loves to talk to our babies. It melts my heart.
-He is ALWAYS asking "What can I do for you, babe?"
-He says "Okay" when I suggest we spend an hour in the yard. If you know B, that's a big deal.
-He holds my hand EVERYWHERE
-He can't leave the house without kissing me. He can't leave the room without kissing me.
-I wake up 2-3 times every night to pee. Every time I leave the bed he whispers 
"I love you." before heading back to dreamland. 
-He still thinks I'm sexy. No makeup. Bed head. Bulging tummy. 
He doesn't see it. He sees me. 

So...I have a huge crush. And it rocks, because I've got him for eternity

Thursday, May 24, 2012

W&J Wedding: Reception

The FINAL installment of W&J's Wedding: The Reception @
The Salt Lake Hardware Building

*Note: When we made it to "reception time", we were pretty tired. So, not as many pictures.
But, hopefully you get the idea. 
An awesome building, wonderful guests, and delicious waffles from the

Oh, and this cake:

Handmade by: Aubri

I basically did nothing the rest of the night. 
I sat around, sat around, went to the bathroom, had some waffles, sat around, 
and...surprise, sat around.
I felt useless. But I guess that's okay. I guess.
I might have cried to my mom a little bit. And B.

It was a wonderful day. Full of family and friends.
The Bride looked beautiful and the Groom looked happy.
The weather was perfect and things came together...just the way they needed to.
Happy Marriage, Whitney and Joey!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

W&J Wedding: Salt Lake Temple

Whitney and Joey Rino: May 17, 2012

Walking out of the Salt Lake Temple

The sealing ceremony in the Salt Lake Temple was lovely. W&J looked so happy and the spirit was very strong. A good family friend, Charlie (Chuck) Rose, was able to seal them for time and all eternity. He shared some touching stories about the temple and why it is so important. It caused me to reflect on my own family with B and my babies (who were moving around the WHOLE ceremony). So grateful for the temple. So grateful for these relationships that can be made eternal.

Rino Family

Shaw Family

(Cameron. This guy may have worn his dad out...but it was entertainment for us. Sweet boy.)

Pics of reception coming soon. Stay tuned...

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Spring Wedding Bells: W&J Tie the Knot!

READERS BEWARE:  Massive amount of pictures on their way. (Even more than when I posted about my own wedding!)  Whitney and Joey Rino were married on Thursday 5/17/2012. It was a beautiful, sunny day, which was made even more lovely by a beautiful sealing ceremony in the Salt Lake Temple and an amazing reception afterwards in the Salt Lake Hardware Building. I told B his job was taking all the pictures. He did AMAZING! My job was to sit and look pretty. I did...mmm...okay, considering I am becoming "great" with children. Enjoy.

The following pictures are of the wedding dinner the night before, held at Sons of Utah Pioneers. 

After a yummy dinner, each father got up to "highlight" their child. 

At our wedding dinner, Gramps wished us "triplets" and... we got twins. 
So, I couldn't wait to hear what he had in store for Whit and Joey. 
Too bad he didn't get a chance to publicly bestow his "blessing" on them. 
That would have been epic.

*I stole this baby. Little Lyla is about 2 months old. Is she not the cutest lil' thing? 
It makes me excited for these babes. 
Although, there won't be any cute bows or adorable pink outfits. 
That doesn't mean I haven't found joy in shopping for my little buddies. 
I go into their bedroom almost daily 
and look at the tiny shoes, hats, onesies, pants, and jammies. 
I smell them. And fold them again. Then, re-arrange them. And the cycle continues.
I keep trying to convince B I'm really "holding back" with the whole shopping thing. Really.
I just have to sneak a few things in once in a while. :)

**More pictures of the Temple and Reception to come. Stay tuned...

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Winner.

Do you know what makes me really happy? 
When I cook something fresh and healthy 
AND my husband says "I think I have a new favorite meal." 

Find the recipe HERE.

Tonight was topped by getting a pedicure w/ my favorite person in the world: B-man.
Why not have your hubby as a pedi-partner?
All the little nail ladies love him 
and his comments on the star gossip/garbage magazines are enjoyable.

I am also realizing that when people find out you're having twins,
they are so HAPPY,
and have to tell you all their twin "stories",
including the one about their sister's friend's daughter...
and then they want to touch your belly,
and even rub their belly next to yours for "good luck". 
True story.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Life These Days: One Big Bouncy House

Yesterday, I didn't feel good. 
In fact, I felt like poop. A big pile of it. 
I was tired, stiff, hot, and emotional. 
I took a shower and I complained to my husband. 
He told me I can do hard things. I told him I didn't want to. 
He asked why not. I told him "Because it's hard. Why can't life just be easy?" 
He responded "Then there wouldn't be any test."
To which I replied "Why does there even have to be a test? 
Why couldn't the Lord just make us like computers 
and upgrade us once in a while to a better version?"
My husband laughed. Then he said "Because we aren't computers."
And that's coming from a software engineer.
But, I guess it makes sense.

Lately, my life seems like this awesome bouncy "toy" P rented for his Prom activity.
There are so many ups and downs in my emotions, I make myself tired.
And my body feels like a big inflated house.
Enough said.

(B had quite a bit of fun.)

(So did they. 15 yrs old: The age of mismatched socks, goofiness, and laughter.)

Happy Mother's Day! 
Grateful for the mothers in my life.
Grateful to be a mother soon.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Preparing, we're doing it...I hope?

(Gift from Lori "Grandma J". My heart melts every time I look at them.)

How do you prepare to be a mother? Some would argue it starts from the time you are very young. We watch our own mother care for each of her babies and try to emulate the way she swaddles, comforts, feeds, and talks. If you happen to fall under the category of "older children" or "oldest child",  you may even get "opportunities" to change diapers, fix bottles, wipe snotty noses, and give nightly baths to younger siblings. Would you consider these important steps in the "making of" a mother?

Others would argue it doesn't matter, because education, study, and information on "good mothering" continues to change as frequently as the years pass by us. What was good and right for our mothers doesn't necessarily "match up" with recent results journaled or published by "professionals" in the field of parenting. Walk into your local bookstore, log on to your favorite moms' club website, or open up your monthly parenting magazine subscription and you will find a plethora of "latest" news and insights for what makes a good parent, specifically mother.

Many would debate that the wide range of information available to parents today might be more problematic than helpful. You may have heard or repeated the famous saying "She/he is very 'by the book'.", inferring that someone (in this case, a parent or mother) tends to strictly follow guidelines or practices that have been spelled out in contemporary parenting advice. Most of the time, this casual statement also implies this certain parent or mother allows for no room to follow her own "natural inclinations" that some believe are bestowed upon all parents or mothers as a natural or universal "gift".  From this standpoint, relying solely on scholarly insight instead of motherly instinct could restrict a woman from becoming the "best mother" she is "meant" to be.

How do you prepare to be a mother? Is it something learned from the time you are young by imitating and watching mothers around you? Is it something you educate yourself on through insightful study of modern information in the field of parenting? Or, is a woman naturally bestowed with the "gift" of motherly instinct and insight from the moment her new babe is placed in her arms for the first time?

To say the last few weeks have been a bit overwhelming for me would be close to the truth. It's not the midnight potty runs or the constant waddling. It's not annoying reflux, consistent rise in body temperature, or occasional cramping from stretching ligaments and uterus. It's not even preparations for nursery decor, baby supplies, or choosing boy names. Heck, I look like an elephant, but that's not the weariness I feel when I look in the mirror. No, none of these "elements" of pregnancy and preparation seem to weigh as heavily on my mind as the question "Will I be a good mother?"

What does the picture of a "good mother" even look like? I've tried to create the perfect "mother model" in my mind by combining childhood experiences, information gathered in books, magazines, and online articles, and talking with friends, family, and peers who are mothers themselves and offer their own "instinctive" advice. As I mold my "model" together, I try to place myself inside of her and do what she would do, look as she would look, and be what she would be. Unfortunately, as I do this, I consistently feel tinges of a lacking somewhere. Usually these "tinges" are triggered by insignificant and small "dilemmas" that arise, i.e. matching car seats for our twins, middle names (grandfathers? uncles?), fitting into bridesmaid outfit for sister's upcoming wedding (that's a recent and most approaching one), and so...a meltdown most likely ensues and I ask myself again "Will I be a good mother?" Because, obviously if the twins' car seats don't match, I am doomed...and so are my babies.

Last night, I sat with my eternal companion in the Salt Lake Temple. He held my hand so tenderly. I kept thinking about the big changes that are coming for us and I asked the Lord "How? How am I going to do this? How am I going to do this right?" The Lord didn't tell me what I should name my children, He didn't tell me if I would be able to fit into my dress for Whit's wedding, He didn't assure me that I would be able to breastfeed, that my babies wouldn't spend time in the NICU, or that I wouldn't have down days when the babes are home with us. Instead, I felt a slight fluttering from my swollen belly. Peace, contentment, and calm filled my heart. I felt some relief as the thought came into my mind "You're going to be fine." No, the car seats aren't going to match. Yes, I did eat a Frosty last night instead of an apple. No, I don't want there to be any complications with this pregnancy or for my babies to come early. But... yes, everything will work out, no matter what the circumstance. No, I probably won't do everything perfect. But, YES, I am going to be a mother...and I might actually be good at it. As far as preparations go: The nursery is bare, we haven't signed up for a birthing class yet, and I refuse to read any more pregnancy, nursing, or parenting books (they just make me discouraged.). On the other hand, I love B. B loves me. We love babies...and really, that's all we need.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Showering the Bride...A Family Affair

I remember when I was engaged. When you grow up in the same neighborhood your entire life, you have roots and those roots continue to grow and get stronger with every passing year. So, it's no surprise that when you get married at 25 (or 24), you have a "bazillion" (T's word) bridal showers. Generous friends and family gather to celebrate you and your handsome man and gift you with many lovely things.

Yesterday, individuals from all parts of the "family tree" gathered in celebration of Whit and Joey's upcoming nuptials. Aunt Dee Dee hosted the party at her house with just the ladies invited... and Joey and the twins (in-utero).  We have almost 1 1/2 weeks left before these two wed. Everyone is counting down...especially the happy couple. For Tay, she's just counting down to when the bridal showers END. Such a good baby sister.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

You've Earned Your Wings

Yesterday, I attended Whit's pinning ceremony for graduation from Nursing School. Yahoo! 
She's worked so hard and it's paid off. So proud of her. 
First step: Graduation. 
Next step: Get married. 
Next Next step: Auntie-hood.

(Repeating the Nurse's Pledge)

(Kelli and Whit graduated together.)

In other news, here's a little video for your enjoyment: