Tuesday, May 22, 2012

W&J Wedding: Salt Lake Temple

Whitney and Joey Rino: May 17, 2012

Walking out of the Salt Lake Temple

The sealing ceremony in the Salt Lake Temple was lovely. W&J looked so happy and the spirit was very strong. A good family friend, Charlie (Chuck) Rose, was able to seal them for time and all eternity. He shared some touching stories about the temple and why it is so important. It caused me to reflect on my own family with B and my babies (who were moving around the WHOLE ceremony). So grateful for the temple. So grateful for these relationships that can be made eternal.

Rino Family

Shaw Family

(Cameron. This guy may have worn his dad out...but it was entertainment for us. Sweet boy.)

Pics of reception coming soon. Stay tuned...


  1. Love it Megan! They WILL have cute babies! That's for sure :) Brandon took some great pictures! Too bad my kids probably ruined all of the Rino family pictures...oh boy...they were on one that day!

  2. No way, the Andrus kids made that day even better! :)