Sunday, May 13, 2012

Life These Days: One Big Bouncy House

Yesterday, I didn't feel good. 
In fact, I felt like poop. A big pile of it. 
I was tired, stiff, hot, and emotional. 
I took a shower and I complained to my husband. 
He told me I can do hard things. I told him I didn't want to. 
He asked why not. I told him "Because it's hard. Why can't life just be easy?" 
He responded "Then there wouldn't be any test."
To which I replied "Why does there even have to be a test? 
Why couldn't the Lord just make us like computers 
and upgrade us once in a while to a better version?"
My husband laughed. Then he said "Because we aren't computers."
And that's coming from a software engineer.
But, I guess it makes sense.

Lately, my life seems like this awesome bouncy "toy" P rented for his Prom activity.
There are so many ups and downs in my emotions, I make myself tired.
And my body feels like a big inflated house.
Enough said.

(B had quite a bit of fun.)

(So did they. 15 yrs old: The age of mismatched socks, goofiness, and laughter.)

Happy Mother's Day! 
Grateful for the mothers in my life.
Grateful to be a mother soon.

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