Saturday, May 19, 2012

Spring Wedding Bells: W&J Tie the Knot!

READERS BEWARE:  Massive amount of pictures on their way. (Even more than when I posted about my own wedding!)  Whitney and Joey Rino were married on Thursday 5/17/2012. It was a beautiful, sunny day, which was made even more lovely by a beautiful sealing ceremony in the Salt Lake Temple and an amazing reception afterwards in the Salt Lake Hardware Building. I told B his job was taking all the pictures. He did AMAZING! My job was to sit and look pretty. I did...mmm...okay, considering I am becoming "great" with children. Enjoy.

The following pictures are of the wedding dinner the night before, held at Sons of Utah Pioneers. 

After a yummy dinner, each father got up to "highlight" their child. 

At our wedding dinner, Gramps wished us "triplets" and... we got twins. 
So, I couldn't wait to hear what he had in store for Whit and Joey. 
Too bad he didn't get a chance to publicly bestow his "blessing" on them. 
That would have been epic.

*I stole this baby. Little Lyla is about 2 months old. Is she not the cutest lil' thing? 
It makes me excited for these babes. 
Although, there won't be any cute bows or adorable pink outfits. 
That doesn't mean I haven't found joy in shopping for my little buddies. 
I go into their bedroom almost daily 
and look at the tiny shoes, hats, onesies, pants, and jammies. 
I smell them. And fold them again. Then, re-arrange them. And the cycle continues.
I keep trying to convince B I'm really "holding back" with the whole shopping thing. Really.
I just have to sneak a few things in once in a while. :)

**More pictures of the Temple and Reception to come. Stay tuned...

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