Thursday, May 24, 2012

W&J Wedding: Reception

The FINAL installment of W&J's Wedding: The Reception @
The Salt Lake Hardware Building

*Note: When we made it to "reception time", we were pretty tired. So, not as many pictures.
But, hopefully you get the idea. 
An awesome building, wonderful guests, and delicious waffles from the

Oh, and this cake:

Handmade by: Aubri

I basically did nothing the rest of the night. 
I sat around, sat around, went to the bathroom, had some waffles, sat around, 
and...surprise, sat around.
I felt useless. But I guess that's okay. I guess.
I might have cried to my mom a little bit. And B.

It was a wonderful day. Full of family and friends.
The Bride looked beautiful and the Groom looked happy.
The weather was perfect and things came together...just the way they needed to.
Happy Marriage, Whitney and Joey!


  1. I haven't read your blog for a while, but was so happy to be able to catch up on recent events while sitting in the hospital with our baby Claire. I really appreciate your insights into motherhood, they always make me cry. Fans congrats to Whitney

  2. gorgeous cake and dress and family. and photos! you're BEAUTIFUL. LOVE YA!

  3. AHHH! You got a picture of me frantically fixing the frosting. I'm glad you didn't get my whole face cuz I'm pretty sure I looked terrified. Ha! Glad that's over with! You two got some great pictures...and don't feel guilty at all about not helping much. That was a very long day for even the non pregnant people out there :)