Sunday, May 27, 2012

Some things favorite about you...

Megan: Brando, look at me.
Megan: Nooooo... those faces aren't normal.
Brandon: You're not normal.
Megan: Rude.
Brandon: But, that's how I like you: weird. 


So...heaven has smiled upon us and blessed us with one more big vacation before the twins make their debut. Doctor has written me a letter and I am headed across the country this Wednesday. 

The best part? B is with me for 10 days straight. 10 days. Tomorrow is Memorial Day and he took Tuesday off for MFM Ultrasound in the morning and packing/shopping in the afternoon. We get back next Tuesday, so...yep, 10 days. No work. No conferences. Just us, the rest of the Johnson clan, and the East Coast. 

Lately, I have had such a crush on my husband. 
I love him always, but for the past couple of days I've really, really crushed on him. 
Maybe these are some reasons why:

-He holds my purse. Anytime I ask him to.
-He loves to do dishes with me.
-He gives me foot rubs. And I don't like feet. But, I love his foot rubs.
-He loves to talk to our babies. It melts my heart.
-He is ALWAYS asking "What can I do for you, babe?"
-He says "Okay" when I suggest we spend an hour in the yard. If you know B, that's a big deal.
-He holds my hand EVERYWHERE
-He can't leave the house without kissing me. He can't leave the room without kissing me.
-I wake up 2-3 times every night to pee. Every time I leave the bed he whispers 
"I love you." before heading back to dreamland. 
-He still thinks I'm sexy. No makeup. Bed head. Bulging tummy. 
He doesn't see it. He sees me. 

So...I have a huge crush. And it rocks, because I've got him for eternity

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