Friday, June 8, 2012

Pregnancy...and all that jazz.

B is currently working on a post about our recent trip to New get excited. 

About 4 hours after stepping off the plane we were walking into our first birthing class. I was SOOO swollen and B was SOOOO tired. His eyes were red and droopy and I felt a tad guilty. Then the instructor put in a little birth video for our "enjoyment". Ahem....a bit traumatizing for some of us. I turned to B and his eyes were slightly bigger and the look on his face was "Uh...I don't even know how to respond to what I just saw."

Side Note: Giving birth to a baby is an amazing miracle. I know this, even without ever giving birth myself. I am grateful for this opportunity, but still a bit weary if I "have what it takes". From listening to the other new moms in the class, I get the idea this is a normal feeling. Having a little anxiety and then watching a video of multiple moms going through unmedicated births and reviewing charts and pictures of what your body has to morph feel a bit overwhelmed. I had a little chat with my doctor on Thursday. It went something like this:

M: So, we had our first birthing class this week. It kind of freaked me out. am I going to do this?

Dr: Yeah, and you get to do it twice.

M: *sigh *huff 

M: Dr, what if I turn into a monster? What if I'm one of "those" patients that you remember forever and ever? You know, the one that is good for conversation over dinner or a golf game. The classic "Well, I had this one patient...and let me tell you, she was NUTS." 

As any decent doctor would do, he reassured me and made some recommendations. B and I have talked and talked about our birth plan and feel confident and at peace with the decisions we have made for bringing our baby boys into the world. We also got a good night's sleep and, let me tell you, that can make anyone feel better...even after encounters with an "informative" birth video.

All around, we're doing pretty good:
We've got about 2 months to go.
Babies are a little over 2 lbs each.
We're buying cribs tomorrow.
Setting them up on Monday.
And painting the nursery.

We also have this little "diddy" for your enjoyment:

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