Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Showered with LOVE.

Last Saturday, my ward hosted a baby shower for me and the babes. 
B came along as well and took the photos to document all the LOVE. 

Some Highlights:
-Lori J and my momma & Whit joined us
-Lori and Carl framed a picture of B's Grandpa Johnson (Gramps) to put in the nursery
-framed one of his silk maps from WWII to hang in nursery as well. Wow! SO excited! 
(nursery theme is vintage airplanes.)
-Ward members blessed us with SO much! Diapers, adorable clothes, blankets, and a fun swing...
-Good food. Orange rolls were DELECTABLE. 
-Surrounded by women I love and look up to. 

Oh! We can't forget the cougar outfits (literally Cosmo pajamas) for the boys to wear to show their TRUE BLUE. 
When we got home from my piano recital on Thursday, this is what we found:

Steve and Cori Shaw doing yard work. Our yard work.
My heart exploded, I was SO excited!
The lawn was mowed and edged,
the bushes were trimmed and cleaned out (spider webs were gone!),
bark was laid over the flower beds.
Everything just smelled clean and fresh.
B and I are so grateful.

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  1. Yay! Baby showers are so much fun. And I love the idea of vintage airplanes as a nursery theme, how adorably, boyishly wonderful! Oh, when Brad and I did birthing classes, we left before the birthing video. He begged me to go and bribed me with ice cream! Also, you are adorable pregnant. I love the pictures from Maine. Loves!