Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Final Performance

Spring Recital 2012

About 9 months ago, I decided to teach piano. I didn't realize how much I would enjoy that experience and the love I would develop for each of my students. I have been playing the piano since age 5 and when my parents FINALLY let me stop taking lessons, I never figured it would be such a major part of my life. 9 months ago, I was looking for another job, researching graduate programs, etc. but nothing seemed right. I was frustrated and confused. I felt so peaceful and confident in my decision to quit working for the State, but doubt crept in when things weren't going the way I had imagined. Then, the thought of teaching piano popped into my head. I intended it to be something "on the side", but when we found out I was pregnant in December, we decided to make it more permanent for the next few months. When we found out I was having TWINS, I was grateful the Lord provided me with a way to serve and use my skills to help others AND survive the pregnancy uglies, which have plagued my body...sometimes ruthlessly.

On Thursday, I had my last piano recital before the "big break", aka: birthing and bringing home 2 baby boys. It might be a few months before I pick it up again, so I wanted to make sure my students understood how proud I was of them. They all did very well and made me so happy! I'm so glad the Lord understands the "big picture". For us, this was the right choice for our family at this time. Feeling grateful as I look back on my life and see how His hand has guided and directed to get me and B to where we are today. :)

P.S. Not an award-winning picture of me. Yes, I am huge and my face looks dorky. But, my babies are healthy and my husband loves me. Life is good.

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