Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I remember when . . .

I remember when...
...I had gallbladder surgery.
...I tried to get ready for Thanksgiving dinner 2 days later and started hallucinating in the shower 20 minutes after I took a loratab. Deciding that hallucinations might be a little too intense for conversation among extended family, I made the decision to stay home, in my bed, little doggy Yoda by my side.
...I yelled "Good riddance!" after walking out the door of the Grant Building, finished with the last test I will ever take at Brigham Young University. Not to the institution . . .just to the Grant Building.
...I graduated from BYU in December and recieved my diploma. (crisp and clean, with it's gold seal shining in the light of my kitchen as I proudly show off to family and every person who comes to our door.) Hallelujah! 2009 Christmas celebration was complete with P's pink bunny jammies.

...I went to Las Vegas with two 16-year-olds to watch BYU football from the stands of windy, cold Sam Boyd Stadium. My ranking from coolest sister EVER dropped just slightly when I begged and bargained to buy growing boys a jug of chocolate milk in place of running onto the field after the big win due to frozen toesies and my own growing "elderlyness" to get to bed before midnight! I'm such an old wimp.

...we celebrated Dad's birthday, topped with sloppy joe's, organic french fries, my very own banana bread masterpiece (mmwaa!!), hand crafted "Birthday General" crown, and balloon birthday wishes. mom, sister, and I threw a bridal shower for a cousin's upcoming wedding, only to learn that my proper, "all business" grandmother offered to share her gum 50+ years ago with her, then, clueless boyfriend (my grampa), in order to intiate a make-out session. Didn't see that coming. Which was then followed by aunts, and great aunts sharing their first kiss stories . . .which was followed by young daughters and cousins "ewing and yucking" and swearing to never "come to one of these with my mom again!" photographer-extraordinaire of an aunt gave me the sacred, terrifying responsibility of shooting all the photos for cousin's wedding dinner . . .just to have a group of people (not from our side of the family, thank you) scowl and mug-face me for making them simply get together for a 2-second "point and shoot". Still wasn't amusing when said aunt yelled across the room "Now Meg, make them get in a pyramid!" and one particularily steely-eyed woman growled in disgust at her husband, as if to say "Oh paaaleease, you can't possibly expect me and my highly fashionable husband to do such a laboriously freakish thing. Young woman with the camera, you obviously don't know how valuable our time is and it shant be wasted on your pitiful and amateur attempts at shooting decent photographs worthy of your cousin's wedding. Be gone with you!" And with that, I went on my merry way, skipping and jumping with confidence, faith in my God-given talent to put into framed picture the very essence of love, life, and beauty . . .my perfected art the wind beneath my wings!
...I had the privelege of attending cousin's wedding in the Bountiful Temple and reminded sweetly by the Spirit just how wonderful God's plan is for His children and how much He loves me.
...I smeared my tear-gooped masacra mess all over my beautiful cousin's veil while giving a "heartfelt- I love you forever- I can't believe you're this old" MamaBear hug after bawling like a baby through the whole ceremony.
...the winter months didn't fly so fast! I kinda like it :)

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  1. Weddings are so fun, especially when they're at the temple! Yay for the happy family memories, and CONGRATULATIONS on graduating. Being done with school is so nice! Much love!