Friday, April 16, 2010

G&G Week: day 1

Friday morning led me down the road to St. George and back again within several hours. I was asked to be chauffeur to the "grand-parentals" this weekend and have decided to do a posting of "G&G Week", in which I will post some of the wonderful, wise, and wacky things I learn from and about my grandparents. This thought came to me as I was driving them back to SLC and G&G started to tell me stories about their childhood. It was such a lovely time listening to their fond memories of their own parents and grandparents. Of course, they had struggles growing up and starting their own family, but the way they talked about the simple details of their lives, I couldn't help but feel drawn to their words.

Gram: "I remember my grandmother. She took care of me when I had rheumatic fever. I was so sick, but she sat by my bedside the whole time and never left me. She would sit in her chair and sew while I slept. She was a good woman."

(On the way to SLC in the car. After, we reminisced of sunny summer afternoons up in the Uintah mountains where my grandparents had their property. Grandma spent a lot of time setting up a perfect tea party for me and W in the field of long grass down the road. Of course it only lasted 15 minutes after we heard a wierd noise in the trees and thought it might be the moose grampa said was wandering around. Grandma went back out there with us and helped us clean up.)

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