Saturday, April 24, 2010

G&G Week: day 8

G&G: We are so proud of you.

(Outside the BYU Marriott Center, right after graduation. I couldn't see them at all when I sat down. It wasn't until the closing prayer was said and we stood to walk out that I caught a glimpse of Gramp's shiny white hair. My friend graduating with me commented "Megs, he's smiling! He looks so happy!" As we gathered as a family outside, Grampa saw me and walked swiftly to my side and threw his arms around me. I remember thinking how grateful I was for family and the deep, deep love that is available through those relationships.)

They left today. If they ever get a chance to read this, I hope they know one thing: that I love them and a part of them lives in me. This past week has been a wonderful memory and one I hope to keep with me always.

Gary and Tonya, I love you.

*More on graduation to come.

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