Tuesday, April 20, 2010

G&G week: day 5

Gramps: *knock, knock.*
me: Come in.
Gramps: Megan, you're alarm's been going off.
me: Okay.
Gramps: Do you want to get up?
me: Okay.
W: Did someone just knock?

(W's bedroom. We are bunking while GP's take over mine. 5:00 am is my goal. Of course, that's when I feel super motivated to get up and exercise before work, but I wasn't feelin' it today. Unfortunately, I forgot to turn my alarm off in my room. Fortunately, that meant I slept soundly. Unfortunately, that meant GP's were wide awake at 5 am. Fortunately, I still slept soundly. Unfortunately, Gramps made his way next door to where I lay sleeping like a little lamb and told me to get movin!) We unset the alarm tonight. Fortunately, we can both sleep soundly. Unfortunately, this could mean tardy to work- we walk a dangerous line for the few extra minutes of beautiful sound sleep. ;)

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