Saturday, April 17, 2010

G&G week: day 2

Gramps to P: "So what do you do these days? Do you like to go drag main street at night with your buddies? That's what we did. We had a good time."

(To this, P responded with a "Yeah, sure grandpa. We love to 'drag' main street.." At this point P turns to me and mouths "D-R-A-G main street?" Later P would be asked to give an account to the GP's on why his driving privileges were taken away. Gramps told us he had his own fair share of mischief and trouble when he threw the farmer's peas off the truck and the farmer threatned him and his buddies with a pitch fork. Maybe that's what my parents are missing- a pitchfork and a mean mug like the one gramps is modeling for us here. It just might keep that boy in line.)

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