Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Since Sunday evening, we've been smelling a foul odor coming out of our fridge. I continued to promise B I would clean out the fridge in the "morning".  But, it hasn't happened (don't judge) due to other things taking precedence. Yesterday I meant to put on my gloves and really get my hands "dirty", but I couldn't even open the fridge or I would barf. So...when B came home from work I begged him to help me. Actually, I just held a garbage bag while he uncovered and dumped gross stuff. He kept saying "Breathe through your mouth! Just keep breathing through your mouth Megs!" Then he started making these gagging noises and his eyes started to water. I lost it. Totally lost it. I didn't know whether to barf or just gut laugh.

(No, I am not meditating.)

(This one gets me. It was AWFUL.)

Quote of the Day:

"I do my part to keep the planet green;
just look at my refrigerator."


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  1. That was, perhaps, the worst smell I've ever smelled in my life.