Sunday, September 18, 2011

End to a LONG weekend...

BYU Vs. Utah Football Game Highlights:

By the end of the game...

We lost. Big. It was awful. Probably the worst game I've been too. But, we stuck it out until the end and continued to cheer our team on until the clock ran to 0:00. My heart belongs to BYU... even if they get blown out of the water by a big, ugly rival. Even if they make really dumb mistakes and break my heart with each fumble, pick, and terrible pass or catch. Even if I have to hear that stupid Utah Man fight song a "bazillion" times... in our house. I still love them. Their victories are my victories and their losses are my losses. We lost big this time and it hurts. But "Loyal, Strong, and True wear the White and Blue" and we will RISE UP from being beat and from beating ourselves.

I just hope it happens by the next game....or at least when we play Utah State. Please! I don't know if I can handle standing on the bleachers next to an Aggie husband who's team is beating mine. AGAIN. I know, I know, marriage is more important than football. But this time, it's personal.
JUST KIDDING...well, sort of. :)

In other news:

As you can see, W and I were obviously thrilled and excited. Food was really yummy, Family was really crazy, and a fair amount of gut-laughing was had by many. All-in-all, it made up for a terrible night of football.

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