Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Me and My Buddy

Today was spent with this guy. We played Battleship, watched National Geographic's Sea Monsters (I might have fallen asleep through half of it), visited my neighbor Margo and played with her dog Ben, baked chocolate chip cookies (which I have yet to find that AMAZING recipe for), jumped on the trampoline, went swimming at the CH Rec Center, joined the ym/yw for a water fight at the church pavilion, ate breakfast taquitos and waffles, enjoyed some cookies and milk, and ended the day with "Despicable Me" (one of my fav's).


Before all this excitement, though...

I MADE GRANOLA! And it actually tastes pretty good! (P.S. B helped a lot too.)

B and Carson playing Mr. Napkin-head

Quote for the day:
"You guys should buy yourselves some company...like a cat."
Carson Swensen

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  1. I have a chocolate chip cookie recipe you can have. Actually, Brandon should already know it!