Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 19: Snowbird

B and I headed up Little Cottonwood Canyon to Snowbird Resort, where Master Control was holding their annual Summer Carnival. It included unlimited rides on the Zip Line, Alpine Slide, Tram, and other fun things. The best part? We both got to wear matching blue t-shirts. Yeah baby!

(Okay, if I'm looking a little's because I was. Lately I've been such a baby about heights. The TRAM was no different. But it was SO awesome!)
(I mean, check out this view!)
(He's not scared of anything. 
Except when I forget to turn my hair straightener off. 
That worries him.)

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  1. Haha, loved your comment about forgetting to turn off the straightener. Same here... :)
    Your blog is so fun!!