Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day 20: Card Night

After a long day of school shopping with Tay, my other siblings asked if they could hang out with us this evening. We decided to pull together a card game of Hand and Foot Foot. Every played it?

Grandma Day would be very proud. Especially because my team WON.

Quote of the Day:
Megan: "I wish I could see what you see in me."
Brandon: "I see what you don't see. You see what I don't see. 
That's what makes us so great."

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  1. So I just read that you quit your job, and all the posts following it. Way to go. That was a super brave move to make. And I agree completely with Whitney's quote in your "DAY 1" post...we took a canoe trip up the Snake River, thought I was going to die, but we made it to Pillar Falls. And it was totally worth it. So here's encouragement to keep up the personal improvement, you rock!