Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day 7: Got goals?

I love Sundays. I love my ward. I also love it when the choir pianist comes up to me just before sacrament begins and asks if I could play the piano for choir today because she couldn't make it. Of course I couldn't turn her down (she's just too sweet and lovely), but I sat with anxiety in my chest and tried to practice the music in my "head" all through the meeting. Ever tried to practice music in your head,? It's not nearly as effective as practicing on the actual piano. But of course, you knew that. And I really knew that too.

So, choir begins and our cute choir director turns to me. I play all the wrong notes in the wrong key. I get the beats mixed up. I nervously laugh and ask everyone to please come back to choir next week when a "real" pianist is available. I know it's not going to be good when my hands start shaking and I have to ask the choir director to help me figure out the notes on the key change. (Okay, to be fair it is a massively ridiculous key change.)

After about 20 minutes into choir practice, the director turns to the choir and asks "Should we call it a day?" They all agree in unison and a sweet sister turns to me and says "Let's give Megan a hand. She did a good job." Then my choir director asks "Are you available to play next week?"

So, when my husby asks what my goals are for this week, it's very simple:

and maybe...
Oh, and...
-Thank You cards
and...of course...

Happy start of the week! May you accomplish all your goals...or at least two or three. :)

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