Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 6: Take a hike!

Today B and I took a hike. We went up the canyon to Donut Falls. About half way in, I realized I forgot my SD card. Bummer. Then I led us through prickly and pokey bushes, convinced I was going the right way. Double Bummer. So, husband led us back on the right path and after about 15 minutes, we decided the trail was too packed with hikers, we were tired and hungry, and we were developing hives on our hands and legs from the prickly and pokey bushes. So...we went back down the mountain, jumped into our air conditioned car, and headed to the local grocery store for our weekly shopping trip.

Word of advice:
Husbands don't like to be led into prickly and pokey bushes. They also don't like hives on their hands or legs. But, most of all, they don't like it when their wife is upset because he may have given her a really REALLY annoyed look when she turned around and said "Um...I think we went the wrong way." So, he'll spend the rest of the hike down the mountain trying desperately to reassure her she's not dumb, he doesn't hate her, and the best place in the world is wherever she is...even if it's right in the middle of a stupid prickly and pokey bush.

Advice: Just follow the sign that says TRAIL, and you'll both be just fine. :)

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