Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day 28: Another reason to get together...

This little munchkin turns "6" on Tuesday. We are so proud of her!

We spent the evening at Grandma Shaw's house for some cake and really yummy Huckleberry ice cream. Grandma turned to me and asked "So Meg, what have you been up to?" I responded "Oh, I now spend my days on the couch eating Bon Bon's. It's really awesome Grandma, I highly recommend it." I'm thinking she didn't get my sarcasm, because her eyes got really wide and and she looked confused. To reassure her I'm not completely lost, I pulled out the project I've been working on (Which I will showcase when I'm finished.) and showed it to her for some "Way to go!" or "You're awesome!" Grandma feedback. She gave me " cute." I'll take it.

Chee escaped the family commotion to play on my favorite piano: Grandma's baby grand. This reminds me of thoughts slightly teasing my mind lately about teaching piano again. Just a teasing thought. That's all. Happy new week y'all!

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