Friday, November 9, 2012

You know that life we wanted? We're living it.

(Baby Finn with Brandon)

October is over and November has begun. It's the month we celebrate giving thanks for our bounties. Right now I am on the computer and my little babes are playing on the floor next to me. They are kicking their legs, smiling, and looking around. During these moments I remind myself that all the long days and nights are worth it. As the weeks pass by, I am continuing to learn the sacredness of the work I do. It's not glamorous. In fact, it can leave a lady feeling tired and frumpy. Fact: I don't think I've put on make-up since Sunday. Fact: My legs are hairy. Fact: The shirt I am currently wearing has a layer of spit up covering my shoulders. 

But this life I live...this life Brandon and I live? It's what we dreamed. I remember when we were first married, we would lay in bed and talk about our family. We would dream about our kids and what they would look like, act like, be like. I don't think we realized how much work those dreams would require or how much sleep or "Brandon & Megan Time" would have to be rationed. But, I also don't think we were prepared for the amount of love we would feel in our hearts or the happiness we would experience. 

That life we wanted? That life we dreamed about? We're living it. And I am incredibly grateful. 

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  1. I am grateful for you. You are one of the greatest blessing I have received in the past 2 years.