Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I've got the POWER!

(Baby Liam and Baby Finn)

Yesterday morning the babes and I were finishing up our morning routine when the light went out. I checked around the house and awoke my sleeping husband to announce "Brand, the power's out." After B checked the power box, walked the neighborhood, and called Rocky Mountain Power, we loaded ourselves in our car and headed to my parents' house.

When the power came back around 10:00 pm, we loaded everyone back in the car and headed home. On the way to our house, I kept thinking in my mind how inconvenient this whole day was for me and my fussy babies. Then, my mind filled with images from recent Superstorm Sandy and the many, MANY people without power still...weeks later. I felt embarrassed.

I snapped this picture this morning. Obviously, things returned to normal very quick. The babes slept through the night and are pretty happy today. I am grateful for a warm house with power, food, and lots of love. Life gets inconvenient. Be grateful anyway.

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