Tuesday, November 20, 2012

For posterity's sake!

(Gramps with Liam)

There isn't a day that goes by when I don't think about my children's future. I wonder who they will become, the choices they will make, the mark they will leave on the world. I contemplate my role as their mother and the influence I have. On one of our early-morning walks, I expressed to my dad the concerns I had about the world my children are growing up in. I asked him what he thought was the best thing I could do to help them be strong. His answer was "Teach them that they are children of God, that He loves them, and that you love them." I admit I was a little surprised that was the extent of his advice. Is it really that simple?

(Baby Finn)

I sincerely believe everyone of us is a pioneer in our own way. We may not be asked to trek thousands of miles on foot, but we are required to trek everyday through good and bad choices, relationships that are sources of joy and heartbreak, and hardships that result from unemployment, sickness, and/or death of a loved one. In the midst of such a loud, negative world, the threat of falling into a spiritual drought or crisis becomes increasingly possible, and unfortunately, normal.

(Grandma with Finn)

As I pay attention to those around me, specifically close relatives and ancestors, I force myself to take note of their legacy. The trials they endured and the choices they made are not parallel to those required of me. But, I honor the trek they made, because there is no doubt in my mind that some of the decisions my grandparents and parents made have had direct effect on the life I live.

(Baby Liam)

Today, I am grateful for parents. I am grateful for grandparents. I am grateful for ancestors. I am also grateful for posterity. What choices do I make today that will influence the lives of my children's children? I must recognize that a legacy is being built, even within the monotonous day-to-day. For posterity's sake, I put my shoulder to the wheel, for there is no greater work I can think of.

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