Monday, November 19, 2012

St. George called. Bring them babies back!

I convinced myself and B that we should take the opportunity to travel to St. George, UT with my family to see my grandparents. There was much hesitation, mostly due to stress that accompanies any travel time with two 4 month old babies. But, my parents were willing to stop any time we needed and Parker and T were great help with feeding, changing, and holding.

(Gramps with Liam and Grandma looking at the tree with Finn.)

It was Grandpa Day's 80th birthday and we surprised them by coming down with the babes. They were excited to see us, but Liam and Finn were definitely the main event. I will never get over the joy of watching people love on my babies.

(Saturday morning. The Johnson family all together.)

So, how did the babies do? I can honestly say they did great for a majority of the trip! Poor baby Finn was a little constipated and couldn't poop the whole trip. Sleeping in a play pen was also a little weird, but they were smily and happy most of the time. Advice for traveling with twin babies? No matter how much you plan, make lists, and try to organize...just remember you WILL forget things. It is bound to happen. It WILL happen. Also, your babies run the show. You will strive as hard as you can to stick to the schedule you've worked so hard on for the past couple of months. Don't get discouraged if the schedule is thrown out the window, because chances are it takes a vacation while you do. But, you do your best. And your babies still remain happy and content...for at least 2 days. We aren't brave enough to venture any further at this time.

This is the last time P will see Grandma and Gramps for 2 years. He leaves for the MTC next week! 

Today? I'm grateful my babes are doing this. (side note: what is it about sleeping babies that is so angelic?) Anyway, B and I laid them on the bed while we packed up Sunday morning. When we went in to check on them, this is what we saw. Man, vacations are a lot of work. Especially when you're 4 months old. Grateful for a safe trip to St. George. Grateful for good weather. Grateful to spend time with extended family. Grateful to be home.

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  1. I'm so glad you went! You never know how many more times you will get to see them. My grandma died when Shane was 9 months old. I was so grateful she got to see him the last Christmas before she died. Life is precious!
    Thanks for sharing the beautiful pix of those beautiful boys!