Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter 2015

What a wonderful Easter we had!
Not only were we fed spiritually as we listened to General Conference, but we ended the day with yummy food prepared by my mom and our fill of Easter sweetness as the boys collected eggs from my parents' backyard 
and enjoyed the candy and toys found inside. 

Before the Easter Egg Hunt, B and I went outside to place the eggs.
When we finally opened the doors for the boys, it was like letting out the hounds.

Watching Finn, we were cracking up.
He had to shake each egg.
If it didn't meet his standards, he put it in Liam's basket.

Hence all the eggs in Liam's basket.

Happy Boys!

Grammy filmed the whole event and Liam was a bit excited to watch himself.
Can you blame him?

We ♥ Grammy!

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