Monday, May 18, 2015

Changes in the air...

Liam and Finn, in a couple months you will turn three. It has caused me to reflect on the past year of terrific twos. You have grown and learned so much! You may be brothers and you may be the same age, but you two are definitely your own little people. I really like that, even though it keeps things interesting and busy.

Next month we add another member to our family. I'm sure you'll want her to watch the garbage truck pass our house every Wednesday morning. You may want her to play with your race cars on your race track or throw the ball back and forth in the hallway. You'll wonder why she takes a bath in her little bath and not in the "big boy" bathtub so she can swim around like a fishy and pop bubbles. You probably won't understand why she's not as excited for jelly beans, swinging at the park, or daddy's car pulling up the driveway. I know there will be a lot of new things, different things, and sometimes hard things, but I know in time you will teach her about all the exciting things life offers you now. I can hardly wait.

And if she's as cute as you guys turned out...

We're in trouble.

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