Friday, March 20, 2015

Walt Disney World 2014

I know this post is only 4 months late, but better late than never!
In November, we had the opportunity to travel as a family to Florida with B's parents and brother. While there, we spent 4 days at Walt Disney World parks 
and stayed at WDW's All-Star Movies Resort.

The first day we arrived, we got settled, took a nap, and had some dinner at Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney. Little did I know how completely terrified Finn would be of EVERYTHING in this place. 
Seriously, he spent the whole evening like this:

I had so many doubts about how the rest of our trip was going to go!

Day 2: Animal Kingdom

The first park we went to was Disney's Animal Kingdom. We weren't prepared for how cold it would be, so we ended up buying some hats and gloves for the boys. 
Tip: Come prepared or be prepared to pay crazy prices for ANYTHING. 
Because, hey, it's Disney!
Because I was right in the middle of the first trimester with baby girl, I was pretty sick and opted to sit out a lot of the rides! 
This Dino ride was definitely one of them!

We loved the Kilimanjaro Safari ride! So many awesome animals to see and Liam was soaking up every minute. Finn wasn't as sure about it.

After the safari, we decided to take a break and have some yummy snacks. Before the trip, I researched best treats to try in each park. 
We tried a Bear Paw brownie and Elephant cupcake in Animal Kingdom. 
Tip: We had to specially ask for these, because they weren't out in the morning. Of course, they catered to us and made us what we wanted. Awesome!

Finn had no problem with this part.

Tip: We made it a priority each day to go back to the hotel 
and take a mid-day nap. Best. Decision. Ever.
After our nap, we headed back to AK and took a train ride.
Both boys were enthralled.

The train took us to Rafiki's Planet Watch. 
We arrived just in time to participate in Chip and Dale's game "Pass the Acorn".

After the game and dancing were over, we were surprised when Chip grabbed Finn's hand and had him lead the little parade to their picture stop. 
I was shocked Finn went along so willingly!

After pictures with Chip and Dale, this WDW cast member came up to the boys and sang a song all about Liam and Finn! The boys were dancing while he sang. 
It was seriously a priceless, magical moment.

Our last stop on Rafiki's Planet Watch was a petting zoo.

Waving goodbye to Animal Kingdom. I think Finn was pretty done!

Day 3: Magic Kingdom

The second park we went to was Magic Kingdom, which was my favorite. I think it's the most like Disneyland and reminded me of magical memories and rides I loved as a kid.

Tip: When you're 8 weeks pregnant and you feel like you can handle a simple ride on Dumbo, turn the other way. IT'S NOT WORTH IT. But the kids loved it! Also, I love that WDW has 2 Dumbo rides and an area for kids to play as they wait for their turn to ride. Brilliant.

We had to get a picture of the boys in their Pluto shirts with Pluto!

Day 4: Magic Kingdom

We decided to spend 2 days in Magic Kingdom instead of a day in Epcot. We felt like we still had so much to do here and didn't think Epcot would offer as much for the kids.

Some highlights: Carousel, Small World, Splash Mountain (I couldn't pass this one up.), Casey Jr Train Ride, Buzz Lightyear ride, Tomorrowland Speedway, 
and eating a Mickey pretzel w/ mama as we waited 
for the other adults to ride Space Mountain. 

End of the day and I think the boys are pretty tired.

Day 5: Hollywood Studios

You will notice the amount of pictures decreases dramatically as the week goes on. I think I got to the point I was just too tired. Period. 
Not a good excuse, but it's the best I've got!

Hollywood Studios was okay, except it started pouring and we ended up going back to the hotel early and slept past the time we needed to leave to go back before the park closed. But what we did see, we enjoyed! Of course we had to take a pic next to some Johnson Family favorites: Lightning McQueen and Mater! 
We also took some pics next to Phineas and Ferb. 
The boys were a little more freaked out by those guys. 

We got to see Lightning McQueen in action at the live-action car stunt show! 
Finn LOVED it.
After that, we scouted out a place to eat and let the boys run around a bit.

Day 6 was a Sunday. I sent everyone else away to go visit B's Gramp's grave and the Orlando Temple, while I stayed in the hotel and SLEPT. 
Love this picture of B's dad with the boys:

Day 6 was our day to hang out by the pool, get a treat at Ghiradelli and do some shopping in Downtown Disney. Day 7, we packed up our stuff (among a tornado warning), burned some time at a local mall, then headed to the airport to catch a late plane ride home. And then we slept. We slept a lot.

So, what are my thoughts?
It was fun. I will NEVER do it again pregnant, though.
I will NEVER do a red-eye flight with toddlers again, either.
But, I would stay at a Disney hotel again. (So many great things!)
And I would do Walt Disney World again...when my kids are a lot older. ;)

Thanks to B's family for inviting us and for 
Carl's awesome military discounts we were able to use!

One last Tip
If you are going to take toddler or youngins, your stroller is your lifesaver!
You can rent strollers, but we brought our own, because it was nice to have at the airport and other places. Also, I think if you rent a stroller from Disney, you have to leave it in the park. You can't take it back to your hotel room, etc. That would've been a pain for us! But, there are other stroller rental services that allow you to have them the whole time you're there and will even deliver and pick it up from your hotel room. 

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  1. Thanks for posting this. Carl and I have VERY fond memories of this trip. It was another memorable Johnson adventure!