Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Time laugh.

B recovered enough to drive to work today. So it's back to the good ol' days of just me and ma boys. With a house still a bit under the weather, I called off the visiting teachers and we've been cruising around in nothing but our pajamas. For lunch, we enjoyed some string cheese, apples w/ peanut butter, fruit loops, and peppermint patties. Yep, ya heard me right. I have a feeling the past few days of "whatever easiest" meals is going to bite me hard. How do I help my kids understand pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and fruit snacks are not the only things we eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Within 2 days, I've created monsters.

It appears Liam and Finn have taken notice that mama's not so "with it" lately and have revved up the engines. Every time I turn around, there's something spilling, dropping, smashing, soaking, tearing, or being pulled out. It came to the point I yelled right out loud "That's it! Time Out! For all of us!" I plopped Finn in the play pen and, wouldn't you know, here comes little Liam jumping up and down to get in as well! I even asked him "You want to go on time-out with brother?" He smiled and jumped up and down some more. As soon as I put him in, it was a party. And I had to get out the camera.

We laughed and giggled and laughed and giggled. 
It was the best time-out I've ever been a part of.

(Finn's fists curled up like that remind me of when he was a tiny bebe.)
And then it was NAP TIME. Yeah, baby!

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