Friday, December 6, 2013

New Snow

This week it snowed. And our furnace stopped working. And our sweet neighbor hiked through the blizzard of a storm to lend us their portable heaters. We wrapped the kids in heavy jackets and started the fireplace up. After we put the children to bed, I baked up some brownies and sat on the couch, staring at the fire and eating my treat. It was quite cozy and, in a way, I was kind of happy to be bundled in blankets next to a warm fire because of a broken furnace.

Actually, the furnace isn't broken. The next morning a nice guy with a pony tail checked it out and came to the conclusion it was just getting over heated because our home's duct work isn't big enough to handle a furnace that size. We also learned our Home Warranty won't pay to fix the duct we are stuck with the bill if we decide to make changes that would allow our furnace to work properly. Nice.

In the meantime, B has pulled out the filter and taken off the covers of the vents to help the furnace "breath" more. It seems to be working for now. But I'm still a bit annoyed and was thinking about it this morning while eating breakfast with the children. And then I looked around me. I have a beautiful home, two beautiful boys happily filling their chubby cheeks with peanut butter toast, a picture of the Salt Lake Temple hanging on the wall next to a picture of our little family, which is a reminder to us of where our family began and the eternal goal we strive for each day.

After breakfast, I put the boys down to play and I opened the curtains to let the light in. The boys quickly crawled to the glass doors and pointed outside at the snow. Even at 1 1/2 years old, it's magical for them. And it was magical for me to watch them enjoy the simple pleasures of the world around them...even with Whit and Joey's puppy's poop still lying in a doggy bag outside the door.

I am grateful for the subtle ways in which the Lord guides and teaches me. It's amazing how a gentle reminder to be thankful, patient, and understanding can be more powerful and effective than a harsh, blaring loudness. And I will consider this an answer to a fervent prayer last night and this morning to help me be a better mama.

Happy Snow Day!

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  1. While it's a shame that you have the foot the bill on the duct work, I think you should have it fixed as soon as possible. You have such cute boys, it would be a pity for them to endure the cold winter! At any rate, I think it's really nice of you to maintain a positive outlook and see the blessings despite the less than ideal conditions brought about by your overheated furnace.

    Mark Baker @