Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve 2013

B worked in the morning, but after 12:00 pm, he was ours! 
Before getting ready for a night of celebration, we spent a little time playing.

(Be still my .)

Christmas Eve night is spent with the Johnson Family. We met at Olive Garden for dinner and headed back to B's parents' house for some yummy treats, scriptures, and presents. After we left, I told B the boys are already set for Christmas! They ended up almost to their heads in gift wrap from all the presents they got.

(Grandma J looking at the Christmas Tree with Liam and Finn. 
By the time we left, Finn had broken two ornaments. Oh yeah.)

(Grandma and Grandpa showing Finn their gift.)

(Liam's gift bow masterpiece. Grandma and Grandpa J gave the boys this adorable handmade tent. 
I think I was just as excited about it as Liam and Finn were!)

These little elves want to wish you a
Merry Christmas Eve!

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