Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Here's to 30 more years...

Yesterday was my parent's 30th Anniversary
Our family celebrated this impressive milestone with an 
intimate family BBQ in the backyard. 
We asked my parents what advice they had concerning a successful marriage. 
Their advice was simple: "Don't sweat the small stuff." 
And my mom added "Laugh a lot and be silly." 

(Notice my dad's hand so "lovingly" tapping the back of mom's head.)

The night's highlight was watching the babes splash in their first little splash pool I purchased from Target for $4.99. My dad even filled up 2 buckets of hot water so the boys were nice and comfortable. We all laughed and laughed at these silly little guys. They are so different (looks and personalities) and it makes it so fun...and exhausting...but enjoyable!

(Grandma and Papa with the babes.)

Another nice evening not to be forgotten. Ahhhh! I love summer!

Each look in this family picture pretty much sums up our life right now:
Crazy, busy, joyful, demanding, messy, exciting, tiring, and blessed.

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