Friday, June 21, 2013

Birthday time begins...

Next week I turn 28. I know. It's old. 
My dad keeps reminding me about that and then I reply 
"If I'm old, what does that mean for you?" 
His response: "It means grandma is ancient." 

Tonight my family held a birthday dinner in my honor. Whitney and Joey made shrimp tacos, grilled asparagus, and fresh fruit. They also made some delicious "better than heaven"cake. Each person gathered around the kitchen table and shared a scripture with me and then wrote birthday wishes on balloons. Surprisingly, a lot of those wishes had to do with more children. And patience. And energy. And puppies. I'm sensing a theme here.

Highlight of the night: Babes discovering balloons. 

Much love to my entire family. It is wonderful to hear beautiful and sincere words that inspire and uplift. 28 is starting out good.

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