Friday, January 18, 2013

You are 6 months, shout hooray!

Liam and Finn,

You are 6 months today. And you are growing, growing, growing! I looked at pictures of you from 1 month ago and you look so tiny, so different. 6 months ago today, I saw you for the first time "outta da womb" and I never pictured these big, healthy babies I have now. But here you are!

And you are marvelous.

My beautiful Liam, you are becoming such a smiley baby! When I set you and brother in your highchairs and I sing and make funny noises and clap my hands, you smile immediately and even laugh. I hope you always think I'm this funny. You are my inquisitive little boy. You watch and study things around you very carefully. And then you talk about it. Boy, are you my little chatter box! Holy moly, you have so much to say for such a little guy. And I love it. Sometimes you will be in your crib and just talk and talk and talk and Daddy and I will stop what we're doing and say "Is that Liam?" And then laugh, because it does our hearts good to hear that noise. Especially because it's NOT crying. :)

My sweet Finn, I can't get over those eyes. This afternoon, you woke up from your nap early and wouldn't go back to sleep. So, I rocked you and you looked straight at me with those big, blue eyes and my heart melted. You are getting to be such a strong boy! You LOVE standing on your legs. After I change your diaper, you get so excited and can't wait to be lifted up so you can stand. You love your daddy. Period. I think he is your favorite person in the world. Of course, I get a little envious after a long day of messes and meltdowns and the minute daddy walks in the door you are all smiles and so excited to see him. That's good, though, because I also love it when he walks through the door. :)

My dearest babies, I love you so much. Each new stage is exciting and I actually like that you each go at your own pace. I never want you to forget that even though you came as a package, Mama and Daddy love you for your individual gifts and personalities.

Happy 6 months my babes! Enjoy every minute.


(A little "smothering" brotherly love.)

(I love this picture, because it's so indicative of each babe's personalities.
Liam: inquisitive, Finn: busy.)

(B's mini-me)

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  1. I so much needed to see this today. Thanks for your inspiring blog!