Monday, January 14, 2013

Who loves Liam?

Last Sunday, Brandon was teaching his Sunday School class at the same time babies needed to be diapered and fed. he taught, I would trade babies from his arms. At one point, I knew I needed an extra pair of hands, so I marched into the Primary Room and handed Liam to one of the counselors, while I made bottles in the church kitchen.

After I came back down to the Primary Room, the Primary President asked if Liam could be a "special guest" for her sharing time. She went up to the microphone and invited me and baby up to the front. She introduced us and then asked the children "Who loves Liam?" Little hands shot up and one sweet girl answered "His mom!" I looked at Liam's little angelic face and nodded enthusiastically. The Primary President asked "Who else loves Liam?" More hands went up and and another little boy said "His mom!" Smiling, the Primary President replied "Yes, his mom loves him a lot. But, who else loves Liam?" Another answer was yelled out "His mom!" I kissed Liam's forehead and nodded again.
The sweet leader then asked "Who else, besides Liam's mom, loves him?"

"Daddy", "Grandma", "Ancestors", and "Jesus" were all heard around the room.

I love thinking about everyone who loves my babies. I especially love thinking about how much Heavenly Father and Jesus love them. It makes my heart so happy.

And, yes, I love them so much 
it should be shouted at least 3 times.

(Liam and Finn in their new highchairs. They are such big boys!)
A little shout-out to Brandon Johnson:
(more to come...)


  1. I love those pictures of the boys! They're so cute! Who couldn't love them?

  2. I love Liam! I love Finn! I love Brandon! I love Megan!

  3. Those photos are adorable! I downloaded them and can't stop looking at them. I love the picture of both Liam and Finn. They look like they are thinking, "What the heck is going on?"

  4. Too adorable, Megs! Love to you and your cute family! <3